Saturday, January 28, 2006

the order of the day

Yes I.
Since our home page is fairly rigid and only updated for key infos and the occasional "goodies", we thought it'd be nice, and up-to-date to have a blog... this way maybe we can get so more interaction from people tuning out there...

Loads of forums talk about our radio shows and the Flex releases. Big thanks for your support, hopefully here we'll create something exciting enough to get your occasional attention. here we'll post show contents in advances, details about gigs and events we do, reports and pics of past events... but also generall chat about the reggae world, and the world in general, let loose as we do on-air, but in words and in more depth. We try not to chat too much over the show because we know you tune in for the music and not our opinions... here we might have more to say... and anyone can just drop a line without even registering.

For example, I can already tip that the first part of next Wednesday's show will have some funkt up ethiojazz... there's a brand new LP from Mulatu Astakte out there:

It's just a ruff as some his EP on Sondway we played on November. If you haven't been stung by ethio jazz yet, hold tight, crucial funkt up vibes coming your way!!..

Also some raw african roots new releases to be played. In the second hour expect yet another revival roots reggae set from me, including the much talked about 12" from Education Vintage from Mighty Threes - Rasta Business and more killers I scored in the wicked Paris Shops Dubwize and Patate...

And from the 15th of Feb we have some serious guests coming through, first one will be Dub Student from

respect one and all

hope to dwell in peace and Inity around here, feel free to reply, blog your feelings about our shows, etc. we never know which shows are best for example. the soundbwoy special went down well with reggae heads, but i don't think it's in our top 5... so we definintely need your words of wisdom. also tell us what you'd like to see more of on this blog.