Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hi everyone,

After a long wait and numerous teknical badness... Our easter special show is now on-line... Really sorry for the listeners that asked for this, we cumulated the radio server being down (and the radio being shut for another 3 weeks) and our website being incapacitated by too much traffic... The show was not even broadcast live because of the "problems", so it's been a poor two weeks but hopefully we are making things up for you on this one...

Dub Student
who's released two 7s on the Deep Root / Universal Egg label is showcasing a big vault of unreleased uk dub and loads of intelligent and partyful mashups... System Error is in the second part of the show but that will have to be made available later... Still you hear one of his strongest tunes feat. Brother Culture TBR on a 12" soon. Plus lots of new tunes and a couple of exclusive tunes in the intro... enjoy


note: this show is hosted on our website rather than the radio's, hence downloading might be slower... remember using the down-pointing arrow on the player allows you to download the show to your computer.