Friday, June 23, 2006

12" mashup HEAT just LIKE DAT

yes music gangstas!! soundclash mashup central has to highlight this RUFF 12", first off from the french crew of LIKE DAT!!

We're digging the A side deep!! It's got Micheal Rose singing "Shine Eyes Gal" (black uhuru tune) on Lee Perry/Max Romeo's Anthemic Chase the Devil Riddim. Watch out though. I only gets REAL when SHABBA RANKS come in for FYAAAHH!!!
then you say, right, this tune is worth the 12"... Next up, JAVA riddim, another all time classic this time courtesy of Augustus Pablo. with BUJU BANTON that on his hit CHAMPION you cyaan't got wrong... BOOM SHOT.
There is more pon the flip side.... a NO DIGGITY remix, on a bass line reminding me of "stop that train".........

Fancy a soundclip?




Sound Clips and Images courtesy of IRIEITES.NET and PHONICARECORDS.COM

This 12" should be widely available in London shop and the on-line shops above. get it.