Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Yes I, I&I went down to Malaga Spain, to MC along the mighty Irie Ites Sound System from France... Blazing Fire from their dubplate arsenal and their two singers, Keefaz and Ras Mc Bean! Plus a wicked live set before hand from the Wise House Crew, featuring local singers and MCs: Leroy Onestone, Zuri, Nabu, Little Pepe, Ras Boti, Payo Directo and Prince Mike. It was all organised by the champion WADADA crew who did a great job at pulling this one together and treating us like KINGS!

BLESS, LOVE and NUFF THANXX everyone!!

also it was good to see the sponsors, the city of Malaga and Sensemilia street, working hand in hand!!

here are some pics...